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Ms. Katy Butler (Mill Valley, CA USA)
When I first time met Wayan Suka, I had been in Ubud, Bali for nearly two week. I had taken Balinese dance lesson, gotten a massage and dined at wonderful restaurants. But I was still a bewildered traveler, still in the tourist bubble, searching for a hidden “real Bali” that I sensed lay just beyond the wall and busy street of Ubud. Wayan Suka changed this for me. I called him on the recommendation of friends who described him as a sensitive guide and a man of integrity. He was this, and so much more. Wayan walked me through small villages and described their spiritual geography. A high point was visiting a village family who invited us into their family compound, where Wayan explained the spiritual layout or feng-shui of a Balinese home. In the process, he helped open doors that later allowed me to attend a Balinese wedding and a cremation, and to relate more easily and naturally with Balinese people wherever I encountered them. I discovered that the kindness of Balinese even towards strangers, is not a myth once you are outside tourist hotbeds. Wayan took me along back roads through rice paddies to beautiful spots; healing water shrines; waterfalls; temples overlooking volcanoes; a coffee plantation; a peaceful walk through an quiet ordinary village, under the umbrellas he provided in the rain.

Mr/Mrs. John Odling-Smee and Carmela Veneroso (Washington D.C. USA)
Wayan Suka is an excellent guide. He is very knowledgeable about the culture of Bali and explained it clearly to us. He took us to the place that we had wanted to see, and protected us from tourist traps and rip-offs. He was courteous, accommodating, on-time, reliable and sensitive to our needs and desires. He is a very careful driver, which is important as roads are narrow and other drivers are not so careful. Additionally his car is clean and fresh.

Mr/Mrs. Stewart and Anita White (Perth, Western Australia)
Wayan Suka is an excellent and informative guide to the culture, people and places in Bali. He speaks excellent English and is extremely polite, courteous, and reliable. We had a splendid all day trip into the mountains and countryside coupled with a half day trip to Sanur, Bali culture park and Uluwatu Temple culminating in an evening fish dinner at Jimbaran Bay on the shoreline, just spectacular sunsets. His driving is excellent and the vehicle clean and comfortable. Thanks Wayan for sharing Bali with us. Wayan is a great driver and tour guide, sensitive, fun, honest to be with, well-prepared and well-informed. He also more than a driver or tour guide because he is also a gamelan musician, a rice farmer and an artist contributing to his village. He showed me the peaceful strengths of Balinese culture without using words. I recommend him highly.

Ms. Pamela Bullen (Berkeley, California USA)
On our trip to Bali, Wayan Suka has been my guide. With great sensitivity to my preferences, he showed me places that are off from tourist map. His excellent language skills and knowledge of art and history deeply enhanced my experienced. When I return, Wayan Suka will guide my journey. I do truly have a “friend in Bali.”

Mr/Mrs. Jacob and Joan Meerman (Washington D.C. USA)
We were very happy with Wayan and his work. He was always punctual, he kept his car clean and was a skillful and careful driver. He was very quick to understand our wishes (temple, dances, snorkeling, restaurant, etc). He was always ready to give good advice.

Mr.Gerry Maloret (England)
We were impressed by all aspects of the service, punctuality, and courtesy provided by Wayan Suka. This is an excellent and professional service. As a world bank official, I work in dozens of countries with dozens of drivers. I would put Wayan Suka among the very best of them.

Ms. Marky Olsen (USA)
Our tour Of Bali with Wayan Suka was so good that we used him twice and will use him again when we return. We were taken to the places that tourists do not generally see, including visitations to two private homes. Wayan Suka was professional in every respect, his command of the English language is very good, he listens carefully to what you are interested in seeing and doing and his price are very reasonable. We highly recommend him.

Ms. Boiser Pauline (France)
Bali authentique. A very good driver and guide, a great discovery of Bali, we enjoyed a lots. That was a rich visit, all we expected. Sure we are going to recommend you in France, in tourism business.

Mr/Mrs. Bass and Gsbeth (Holland)
Thank you so much for taking on a tour. You are not only an excellent driver but also a great guide. The best part was the trip trough rice field with on top of it fresh coconut milk. Thank you again.

Mr. Rigot G (France)
That was a good trip with Wayan. He took us to some good place he knew, we discussed about our trip and he gave us very good advice all trip long. Thank you for being very kind and you gave us a lot of the Balinese culture.

Mrs. Barbro Beger (Germany)
Thank you. We had wonderful day with you and we will be happy to recommend you, we also hope to see you again next time. We wish you and your family all the best and a lot of luck and good health.

Mr. Rudi Mistche (Hawaii)
Mr. Wayan Suka has been our driver during my last visit here in Bali. After coming to Bali for the last 10 years he has been the best experience in all my trips. Wayan is honest, trustworthy, polite, always on time and he will ensure his customers well taken care of. I certainly look forward to my next visit and with Wayan Suka as our driver and guide.

Jo Karabagias (Melbourne, Australia)
I am pleased and honoured to recommend Wayan Suka as a driver and tour guide as well as being a true ambassador for the Balinese people. Wayan is extremely knowledgeable about Bali’s history, culture, spirituality and lifestyle, and he delivers the message with wisdom and humour, which makes it very easy to be with him and immerse yourself in the real Bali—a very special place. Wayan has the key to the hidden Bali that we often hear about, but wonder how to find. Through him, I learned of the Balinese’ cycle of life, their beliefs and philosophy. I visited a simple home and met with a grandmother and granddaughter who welcomed me as if I was a neighbour. I visited a traditional temple and an out-of-the-way local market as well as the largest and oldest Banyan tree I have ever seen. We also ate at a traditional Balinese restaurant where the food is simple and delicious (yes, it is very clean) in a lush garden filled with orchids and moss covered trees with not a tourist in sight! So to have such a magical day (5 ½ hours) and then to pay the extremely competitive rate he charges was the perfect end to a perfect day. I am planning another trip to Bali next year and I will be contacting Wayan so that he may show me yet another side to beautiful Bali.

Philip and Diana Chang (Honolulu, Hawaii)
Wayan was our driver and guide in Bali for four of the eight days that we spent there in October 2010. His English was excellent and his driving was careful and skillful. He was very candid and open about Balinese culture, customs and practices. We learned a great deal from him that brought us a greater appreciation of the Balinese culture. He was very flexible and offered suggestions of places that might be of interest to us. His suggested itineraries that took us to all the important temples and sights, including the twin lakes and the volcanoes. He was also responsive to our needs, driving us to a pharmacy and a batik factory on request. He also carried ice cold towels and water in his immaculate car. We could not have asked for a better guide and orientation to the local culture.

Carolyn and Bill (Perth, West Australia)
We loved Ubud and its totally relaxed style and having Wayan Suka take us on personal tours completed a wonderful two weeks holiday. Wayan’s friendly and knowledgeable trips gave us an insight and appreciation of the Balinese life style and culture. We came home and recommended him to friends who have since enjoyed Wayan’s excellent service. We look forward to seeing him again in 2011.

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